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If you buy a RealityCapture license we can offer you 30% discount on our RealityCapture training program.

Try for Free

We say – “Better to see once than to hear hundred times”. Therefore we offer you to download and try a free version with all the features which RealityCapture from CapturingReality offers for as long as you want. With the demo:

  • You can save and load scenes; this is limited to the machine where you have created the scene*.
  • You can view scenes created in any licensed versions. Use the demo app as a viewer.
  • You can render images and videos. However, they are watermarked.
  • You cannot export meshes, ortho-projections and registered camera poses.

* Scenes created in RealityCapture Demo cannot be loaded into paid instances of RealityCapture.

To download the demo you need to be registered. If you are not registered so far, simply fill in the registration form, it is easy to do and free of charge. You will later use your registration credentials to activate the demo app. Click the download button to proceed.