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Experience your survey projects in a breathtaking, interactive 3D environment – we visualize your data in the highest quality and a performance that is second to none. Impress your customers with an interactive walk through your project – in VR or first person view. Expand your visualisation with additional modules such as measuring- or screenshot tools. Do you need a specific functionality for your project? We are able to create customised modules, tailored to your needs.

In the example below the data acquisition was done with only one DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise. The textured mesh was created in RealityCapture from CapturingReality and imported into Unreal Engine.

If you order an Unreal Engine visualisation you will receive a locally executable application that can be started on any modern computer with a graphics card (WIN/MAC/Linux/Android). We can implement textured meshes as well as pointclouds (LIDAR/Photogrammetry). In the near future we will also be able to provide your visualisation projects via the web browser (Chrome/Firefox).

Available Modules/Tools:

  • Measuring tools
  • Shadow cast analysis
  • Screenshot tool
  • Localised audio stream
  • Moving objects in the model (e.g. buildings)
  • GIS module for connecting your ArcGIS projects
  • VR module (Oculus & HTC Vive)
  • soon moreā€¦..

If you are interested in our visualisations, RealityCapture and/or Unreal Engine feel free to contact us –