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By combining laser scanning (TLS) and photogrammetry (PGM) in RealityCapture, crime scenes or traffic accidents can be digitally captured down to the smallest detail. The results can be used to map exact dimensions, to create sketches and site plans, to determine a shooting direction or a field of view or to make the “scene” virtually walkable (VR scene). Forensic crime scene surveys and their results are important factual evidence and support investigating commissions, public prosecutors and courts in their work.

Are you planning to implement RealityCapture for crime scene or accident reconstruction? In our training “3D Crime Scene Survey & Accident Reconstruction with RealityCapture” we guide you through the optimal workflow for three-dimensional reconstruction – from data acquisition with laser scanner, camera & UAV to the photorealistic 3D model/ortho projection.

Training content “3D Crime Scene & Accident Reconstruction with RealityCapture”:

Day 1

  • Technical basics photogrammetry & laser scanning
  • Camera settings, illumination and cross polarization
  • Theory of data acquisition – how to capture a room/location/object correctly
  • Optional: Basics of photography
  • Optional: Technical basics UAV (half day)
  • Optional: Practical exercise: joint data acquisition (TLS, PGM) (half day)
  • Optional: Multispectral photography (1 day)

Day 2

  • RealityCapture GUI & Workflow
  • General settings & menus
  • Data import
  • Alignment process in RealityCapture
  • Reconstruction process in RealityCapture
  • Clipping box
  • Ground Control Points (GCP) & Control points
  • Working with markers and scales in RealityCapture
  • Control points and merging individual components

Day 3

  • Using image data correctly with RTK position accuracy
  • Importing laser scan data and aligning with images
  • Generate point cloud & mesh
  • Mesh processing in RC
  • Texturing & coloring
  • Simplification of models
  • Texture projection onto simplified models
  • Orthoprojections in RealityCapture

Day 4

  • Image mosaicking workflow
  • Editing orthomosaics
  • Volume calculations
  • Creating profiles and contour lines
  • Creating sections
  • Color balancing in RealityCapture
  • Working with image layers
  • Masks in RealityCapture
  • Renderings and animations in RealityCapture
  • Digitizing objects/evidence – how to scan smaller objects from all sides

Day 5

  • Automation / Batch processing with Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • Working with the realtime assistant
  • Data export: point clouds, textured meshes and orthoprojections
  • Preparation and export of models to UnrealEngine
  • Integration of high-resolution 3D models / point clouds in UnrealEngine / Sketchfab / CesiumIon / NIRA / Potree / ArcGIS Pro or Twinmotion
  • External open source software for further processing of the generated data

We offer individual or group trainings for RealityCapture at your location or at our premises in Aachen/DE, tailored to your needs. The focus/content and duration of the training can be freely selected. The course can also be completed online. All participants receive a certificate of participation after the training.

Prerequisites for participation are an own workstation or laptop as well as a current RealityCapture license (PPI license, demo license or enterprise license).

Required for participation in training:

  • Computer/laptop with current RealityCapture PPI license / Enterprise license
  • min. 16 GB RAM (better 32GB)
  • 64bit Microsoft Windows version 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 / 11 or Windows Server version 2008+
  • NVIDIA graphics card with CUDA 3.0+ capabilities and min. 4GB VRAM
  • CUDA Toolkit 10.2, minimum driver version 441.22.

We recommend using a computer with at least 4 CPU cores, 16GB RAM and 4GB VRAM. If you don’t have an NVIDIA card, you can still run the application and register images, but not create textured meshes.

For more information on how to attend a training session, as well as pricing, please contact us at and request a quote.

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